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MMM-Assistantmk2 - SET default Question & Answers with voice response

  • Hi friends, Thanks to everyone who shares thoughts and ideas here, I hope you can also help me with my problem, I wonder if is possible to create my personal voice assistant by setting default Answer to Specific Questions through voice command? if is possible hope you can give me some samples and Ideas thank you very much!

  • The only Google voice assistant to do this is Gassistpi. You have to install it separately on to the raspberry pi

  • thanks for reply, but You mean to say even if I have working MMM-Assistantmk2 installed on my MM , i also have to install Gassistpi?

  • Yes, that’s what I have on my mirror , both AMK2 and Gassistpi. One problem I run into is, when the gassitpi is using the mic, you can’t use the same mic for AMK2 on the magic mirror. I am thinking the only solution to this problem is using two separate mics for the two separate voice assistance.

  • I personally have gassitpi installed on my raspberry pi because of home automation; I wanna be able to control my relays and gpio’s locally without IFTTT

  • Thanks, i will still wait for other suggestions… because I was also thinking if MMM-TTS (text to speech )
    can combine with transcription hook commands , … and execute text to speech

  • Module Developer

    First, the natural way is using gAction to make response fulfillment.
    Or if you need TTS, there be also. Read docs.

  • Indeed, it seems gAction is the natural way to do it.
    If it’s just for playing like simple default question and simple default answer :
    “Who is the best” : “It’s you Sir”.
    Then, I’m doing it with IFTTT and it works perfect. Very simple…

  • @bolish wow… thanks very much for that input… I think thats what I am looking for , Can you give me more specific and detailed inputs how to integrate it ?

  • Just go to your IFTTT account, create a Google Assistant trigger / applet…
    Did you at least searched or tried something with IFTTT befaore asking again?
    Open the browser, go on Google, search for IFTTT, create an account, click on “create a trigger”, search for Google assistant…
    And don’t forget to close your browser, turn the light off when you leave the room.

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