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    Hi all,

    anyone interested in having a look at this python repository with me?

    #Quizduell API Inofficial interface to the Quizduell web API written in Python and distributed under GPLv3. Start games, write messages, find users and more.

    “Quizduell is the German-language version of the Swedish-language mobile app “Quizkampen” (Swedish: quiz) of the Swedish developer FEO Media AB for iOS and for the Android platform and Windows Phone. The players must answer more questions correctly in a variety of question categories than a selected or random opponent. The application has been downloaded more than 23 million times in eleven different languages ​​on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store (as of March 2014), the German-language version has over 34 million with most players (as of March 2014)”

    An inofficial way to (somehow) use the quizduell REST API.
    I wonder if this could be recoded into a JS module?

    I’d like to work on this together with someone but I’m missing the abilities to know how and where to start. And I’m not common to Python.

    This module could show statistics on our mirror, running games and how much time is left for your turn.
    And later on maybe even a voice controlled round of Quizduell!?

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