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trouble with restarting

  • when my i restart my rasberry pi. pm2 goes into an error state. and magic mirror won’t start again.

    { Error: ENOENT: no such file or directory, open ‘package.json’
    at Object.fs.openSync (fs.js:660:18)
    at Object.fs.readFileSync (fs.js:565:33)
    at Object. (/home/pi/MagicMirror/js/app.js:15:32)
    at Module._compile (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:654:30)
    at Object.Module._extensions…js (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:665:10)
    at Module.load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:566:32)
    at tryModuleLoad (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:506:12)
    at Function.Module._load (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:498:3)
    at Function._load (/usr/lib/node_modules/pm2/node_modules/@pm2/io/build/main/metrics/httpMetrics.js:172:43)
    at Module.require (internal/modules/cjs/loader.js:598:17)
    errno: -2,
    code: ‘ENOENT’,
    syscall: ‘open’,
    path: ‘package.json’ }

    how do i fix this?

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    @rcsmith2011 - It looks like your installation got corrupted somehow. I would back up my config.js file and then wipe the MagicMirror folder. Clone from the git repository, run the npm install command from the MagicMirror folder, restore your config.js file and then reinstall your modules.

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