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dnsutils on smart mirror

  • Hello guys,

    Nice to meet you - you’re doing a great job here - i’ve been through this forum and fix some issues encountered on my Smart Mirror installation.

    I’ve tried to find something related to dnsutils (available on raspbian) - what i’m trying to acomplish is to integrate an iframe where there will be some dig commands. For example: Voice command dig and the mirror to return to commands.

    Is this something that has been done as i’ve been unable to find? If not - can you guide me how can i achieve this.

    I’m runing Pi3b - latest raspbian. My mirror is currently in construction as no wood frame has been added. Been able to configure some news from my country/local weather/local calendar.


  • Found something that might be usefull - i’ll investigate what can I do

  • Project Sponsor

    My recommendation would be to start with the Hello World module and implement a feature at a time.

    1. Get it to query the API and display the results in your module.
    2. Get it to respond to a message sent from any another module.
    3. Get it to respond to a specific message with a structured payload.
    4. Configure the voice recognition module to send the specific message & payload.

    There’s a pretty good set of instructions in the Developer section of the Magic Mirror Github repository.

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