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YouTube Video Playlist issues

  • Heya folks,

    Fairly new to MagicMirror2, everything is installed, current version, works a treat, looks awesome too!

    Anyway I added this code as an tag within a

    tag, now this is the strange part if I open the index.html file using firefox itself runs as it should and plays the complete playlist, auto plays, repeats… Everything is fine.

    But once it is opened as it should be on my Raspberry Pi 2 B, it will cue to autoplay the first song/video but then just show a revolving icon meaning it is loading and nothing more. However if I use tab on my keyb and hit the pause button and then hit the enter button again it is quite happy to play the next song/video for me until the end of that said track.

    Here is the exact HTML

    You can insert that within a

    tag if you wish and see if that will play the next track after the first automatically yourself if you wish…

    Just the mind is boggling here and I’m not sure how or why this is happening…

    Anyhelp of an example would be awesome 😃

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