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Open Terminal with Operating System MirrOS ?

  • Hey guys
    I’ve build a Magic Mirror according to a youtubetutorial and according to the explanation provided by glancr.
    So I’ve installed “mirrOS”, the official Operating System of glancr on an SD card and put the card into a raspberry pi 3.
    The mirror is shown correctly but now I want to add a motion detector. I allready connected the PIR Sensor to the Pi but now I have problems to add python scripts to the pi. The python scripts shall control the motion detector.
    Basically it’s not that hard there are a lot of python scripts online but I don’t know how to add them without Raspbian on the Pi (so on the SD card).

    Is there a way to add python scripts to my pi so that the motion detector can be controlled while having mirrOS installed as Operating System?
    The other way would be to put raspbian on the pi. So I could add my scripts but when I’m right I can’t use glancrs software mirrOS at the same time…



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