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Does MMM-MyCommute require payments to Google?

  • I was thinking about setting up MMM-MyCommute and it requires that I create an API key from google. It appears that I need to enable the Maps JavaScript API but from what I can tell that is not a free service. Can someone confirm that this does require payments?

    Is there an alternate commute type module that is free?

  • @mlcampbe it does, but I have never seen a bill…

  • So did you just create a new project for the magic mirror and use that api key? I have done that and it says I am on a free trial. I had created an account months ago for another project. What will trigger being billed? Is it greater than x calls per month?

  • @mlcampbe no idea. I have had an account for a couple years. And never seen a bill. Use it for voice, maps, geolocation

  • I recently set up mmm-google route which also uses google api. It appears from what I can tell you get a monthly credit of 200 or 300 bucks? So if you go over that you do get charged.

    Using mmm-schedualar I was able to set it to update every 15 min in the morning hours then just once an hour hike I’m usually out of the house. That may help with api requests

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