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Rainbow screen

  • I have no ideea what is going on. It worked perfectly until today. When i tried to turn it on this happened(i think it s rebooting). I changed the power supply , even i used the main one from raspberry pi 3 b+ , and it still oesn’t work. Any ideas?

    2_1555597181090_57484921_2093813520917017_766735736320819200_n.jpg 1_1555597181090_57311684_286777905531661_7967342605287555072_n.jpg 0_1555597181090_57155613_173173880248344_3301782849266384896_n.jpg

  • sadly, usually means there is a problem with the sd card…

    if u have another linux system , you might be able to repair it with fsck, maybe…

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