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Magic Mirror on Budget

  • Hi , I am trying to do my own mm2 , but i have very limited budget. Are there any good alternatives for glass mirrors? Like folis or things like that. Thanks i advance. I know i should spare no extense but i find making some nice gadets with little money fun and i know i wont get as good result as with better mirror. If possible i would be gratefull if someone could give me the link to the polish retailer of cheap glass mirrors or good quality foils. 🙂

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    @xenioPL You have a couple options. I used an acrylic from in my mirror. It was much cheaper than an equivalent glass mirror.

    I have a roll of the one-way mirror film, which is probably your cheapest option. It just requires more care when you apply it than a glass or acrylic piece. On the positive side, you can use regular glass with the film, which makes sourcing easier.

    I bought the one-way film from Amazon.

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