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MMM-WeatherBackground new default collections. Please contribute.

  • Hi. I recently made a PR for the MMM-WeatherBackground module. I made a contribution to modify MMM-WeatherBackground.js, in such a way that now there are predetermined a series of collections that reflect in addition to the weather conditions, the time of day (day or night) and the season of the year.

    All those collections can be seen in:

    It is a hard job to select photos and add them to the collections.
    They are divided into all weather conditions, whether it is day or night and the season of the year. For example, fog day, rain day spring, snow night, etc.
    For this reason I want to ask anyone who is interested in contributing photos to the collections, to use this post to do so.
    As follows:
    cloudy windy day autumn:

    That way I will be adding the photos to the collections, so that by default they are visualized in the module when season, day or night and weather condition match.

    The configuration of the module in config.js should now be as simple as:

    	  module: "MMM-WeatherBackground",
    	  config: {
                                     targetDOM: ".MMM-Dummy",
                                     //null or DomSelector for target.
    				// if null, currentweather will be targeted.
    				// examples: ".newsfeed", "#SOME_SPECIAL_DOM", ".top.left .module"
    				hemisphere: "n", // new config option "s" or "n". Another letter or number won't work.
    				source : "MMM-NOAA3", // `currentweather`, `MMM-NOAA3`, `MMM-DarkSkyForecast`
    				defaultCollection: "featured", 	// I think this is now deprecated			

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