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Bluetooth.service: Failed with result 'signal'

  • Hi All!
    Having never used Raspberry Pi in my life (or done nay coding of any sort) I thought it would be a good idea to make a MagicMirror to use with a two-way mirror built in to the bathroom wall while we’re getting a new suite put in. I’ve managed to (somehow) get everything working that I needed (only basics like weather, news, Google calendar, etc.) but I’d also like to try experimenting with video - I’ve got an idea about lying in the bath watching football through the mirror, and would like the audio to play through a portable bluetooth speaker which can sit next to the bath.

    However, I can’t get started with making the audio work, which is why I need your guys’ help.

    Following online instructions I expect to:

    • Open Terminal
    • Enter ‘sudo bluetoothctl’

    However, I can’t get any further than this, as I get stuck on ‘waiting to connect to bluetooth…’

    When I run ‘sudo systemctl status bluetooth.service’ it says ‘Failed to start Bluetooth Service.’ and’ bluetooth.service: Failed with result ‘signal’
    (I realise this would be more helpful as code, but my pi is connected with my a monitor and I wouldn’t know how to begin getting the code to copy over!

    Can anyone advise why this may be failing? And how I can fix it? I’ve looked through loads of articles, both on here and on Google, but the things they suggest don’t change anything or are so complex I don’t know where to begin to make the changes they suggest!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, and whoever finds the solution, I shall think of you in the bath 🙂


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