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42" Full body Mirror

    I came across smart mirror accidentally when browsing for full body mirror design and decided to build one for wife.

    We want to have quality mirror reflection (being mirror in 1st place!) with beautiful quality frame, activated by motion sensor and integrated with GA via USB mic.

    It has been quite journey to design, find materials and actually build it but it is definitely worth it! It adds cool factor to our living room and I am quite proud of it!

    Specs and Cost:

    • Mirror Glass - 120cm L X 60cm W @6mm thick - EUR 145
      We live in UAE and this is the toughest part to deal with! At some point, I almost gave up and go with film!

    • Frame - 160cm L X 80cm W X 8cm D - EUR 290
      An important aspect. The mirror is in living room and must presentable/blend with rest of furniture. We went with custom build solid oak on main & pine on inner frame

    • Rasberry pi 3B + with Motion Sensor & USB Microphone - EUR 48
      Had to buy RPI twice because the the power socket broke on the 1st one 😞

    • 42" Old LG TV - Free from friend
      Frame completely detached and side bezel wrapped with black electrical tape. The speakers and IR component also re-arranged to the side of the mirror to save weight and slim down the mirror. Unfortunately, the TV display “no signal” when PIR sensor turn the TV off so I decided to blackout the screen instead of actual off.

    • Modules
      Standard modules plus Globe, Networkscanner, NetworkConnection and AssistantMK2 (Thanks Sean for helping out!)

    Next step:

    1. Properly hang on wall and conceal the cable - The mirror is 27kg and expensive! securely hang it will require effort. Probably via french cleat and toogle bolt.

    2. Find out way to Increase microphone sensitivity as I have to speak closely and louder to interact. Maybe replace small USB Mic with Jabra speak 410?

    3. Revisit modules to add more practicality to the mirror.









  • very cool… you give me hope… I have a 50 in tv and want to do the same. glass is about $600 and needs shipping to get to me…

  • this is really cool mate… you went all in and it is really worth it. you can intergrate led lights at the back of the frame with the installed sensor… would add a really nice touch … but i really like your work inspired👍🏽

  • Banned

    Pretty Cool !

  • Nice work…
    Is Globe still running? I have problems after the server change…

  • @chris1971

    Unfortunately, I have swapped it with MMM-Commute to increase mirror practicality.

    As an update, the mirror is working well but experiencing weird unresponsive blank screen randomly sometime as little as 1 hour to several hour. The menu and everything else working fine only MM is blank.

    to minimise the issue, I created hourly cron job to reload mm.

    Any thoughts?


    1. Added new MMM Travel with my history. It looks much more appealing!
    2. Sadly, Issue with microphone sensitivity remains. I have to be very close to mic to activate assistant 😞

  • Project Sponsor

    @thoeng You’re right, it does look more interesting that way. Looking good.

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