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Install vdirsyncer

  • Hello everybody,
    I need a little support. First of all, I have to say that I can not speak much English and have written this with Google Translate.

    Here is my question, I have spent several days on websites and Youtube now to install a Raspbarin desktop including the installation of MagicMirror2. Most of the time I run in hergenwelche errors but I have it baptized that the MagicMirror2 runs even if I have not understood how it all works.
    Now I want to customize the surface of the MagicMirror2. Here I managed to design the module clock and I am satisfied. even if I like to give the second time a red color and not know how to do something like that. In the second step, I wanted to display my icloudkalender now, here I come now to two problems. I just want to use a private calendar without public release. To solve the problem, I wanted to install “vdirsyncer” but I am a lot smarter and need help as I do. maybe it’s the google translation why I’m stuck. As I said my knowledge is not particularly good in English and not in the scripting language.
    The second problem should be solved after what I’ve read synonymous with “vdirsyncer”, that would be that I get several iCloud calendars with different colors.

    So maybe someone can bring me closer to the solution. Preferably, of course, in German or sunday, I’ll let you rewrite them on Google, thanks to Google Translator.

    Many thanks also to those who have read this far …

    Greetings Blackbumpkin

  • Was hoping that someone can help me?

    *** PUSH ***

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