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IoT Bed Sensor

  • I have a Telehealth Sensor Adaptive Bed Sensor which I want to display data from the device to the mirror’s screen. Normally, the bed sensor would connect to a phone app via bluetooth and record “sessions” for when a patient is occupying and not occupying the bed. When you start a session the app displays a graph with real time data of the sensor recording the pressure applied. While the app is recording the data, it will trigger alerts to the phone about whether the bed is occupied or not. After you stop the recording for that session it saves a log of the data and gives you the option to upload that data. I want to be able to display the real time session and also display the alerts for when the bed is occupied or unoccupied. Below I have provided all of the links that I have for the sensor, the app it normally connects to, and any other documentation that might be helpful. I also have BTLE Profile document for the device, but this forum post won’t let me upload it. It says I don’t have permissions to do so.

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