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RSS Feed wrapDescription // multiple lines

  • Hey guys,
    i am new in this Business but I got a Problem with the RSS Feed function called wrapDescription.
    I activate the Description below the headline, but the Option wrapDescription doesnt work anymore.
    I also tried Width: „100px“ and read about a solution with CDATA. But this function is too difficult for me.

    So is there a solution I did wrong with wrapDescription?
    My code:

                            module: "newsfeed",
                            position: "middle_center",
                            config: {
                                    feeds: [
                                                    title: "Der Betze Brennt",
                                                    url: ""
                                                    wrapDescription: true,
                                                    showDescription: true,
                                                    updateInterval: 20000,

  • nobody with an idea?

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