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MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic ERROR!

  • Re: MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic “breaks” mirror?

    I understand this is a year old post - since I haven’t got an answer for my issue, reaching out to this group. I have below code and my map loads for 2 seconds and errors “ops something went wrong”

    What am I doing wrong here? Help please!

    		            module: "MMM-GoogleMapsTraffic",
    		            position: "bottom_right",
    			    config: {
    					key: "I HAVE THIS",
    					lat: 41.8816281,
    			                lng: -87.6608605,
    			                height: "300px",
    			                width: "300px",
    					mapTypeId: "roadmap",
    			                styledMapType: "transparent",
    			                disableDefaultUI: "true",
    					updateInterval: "60000",
    			                backgroundColor: "hsla(0, 0%, 0%, 0)",
    			                markers: [
    			                        lat: 41.8816281,
    			               		lng: -87.6608605,
    			                        fillColor: "#9966ff"

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