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PiCam Selfie Taker

  • Hi Ladies & Gentlemen,
    I have scoured this site and the only Selfie Mirror options that I can see involve a separate webcam, the the official Rasp Pi Cam or the ones that do only support posting to Facebook or Twitter/Insta.

    Please correct me if there is something that I have overlooked.

    I am currently in the process of making/writing a MagicMirror for my daughter. It will phone notifications and tasks and stuff but what she would really like would be a selfie taker that provides a real time image, some kinda timer displayed and photos that upload to something like google photos. Functionality to either start the process with an onscreen button by using wireless min keyboard/mouse, and/or voice activ or a simple incorporated button on the mirrors frame.

    The idea being that is for taking selfies and posting and what not whilst getting ready. Like a Selfie / Vanity mirror sort of affair.

    Does anything like this exist with the PiCam or does anyone fancy having a go at building a module like this. I think it would be a huge hit with the female getting ready scene, aswell as the more vain of the male species. haha.

    Live video display aswell as stills would be even better too.

    Let me know your thoughts please folks.
    Be healthy.

  • Hey JonoGee,

    Did you end up finding a solution ?
    I’ve just received the PiCamera, and trying to modify a module to use it, no success so far, and i’ll keep trying !


  • there are two selfie modules in the 3rd party list

  • Good Evening Sam,

    Yes thanks for the reminder. Prior posting this I was playing with Selfishot however I thought that the PiCamera was not yet supported, only USB as per the README.
    I was wrong, the picam is supported and all is working great.

    have a good one,

  • @ZeFX thanks for the feedback. I’m sure others will like the info too!

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