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How to add multiple UUIDs for each calendar to the collections array in vdirsyncer config.

  • Re: Sync private iCloud calendar with MagicMirror

    I can’t figure out how to add multiples to the array. I add one after another in the config to generate the local files and sync, but it only syncs the most recent one. I assume I need to have each one in the array? How is this done?

  • Look on YouTube at caroline dunn Magic mirror calendar setup it worked well for me it just add the url from your Google calendar click on you name in Google calendar look for private url with your name lots numbers and the word private in it copy and paste into your config on magic mirror uncomment out the other url with a / save restart . Hope this helps, look at the ( brackets and copy the same open or closed curly brackets.

  • Hello Jimmy95!

    Thank you for your reply. I forgot to mark this as solved. I ended up finding a work-around by changing the URL in the vdirsyncer config file from a specific URL to “from b”. It downloads and syncs all my calendars and notes - more than i need in fact; then I just add the URL for each calendar i want to see to the module instead.

    Seems to be working well.

    Thank you for your help though, and I will take a look at that link you provided to see if I can clean up and streamline the operations on my end anyhow.

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