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MMM-ToggleButtons x2 setup

  • Good afternoon all,
    On my mirror I am going to build in a semi hidden button in the frame made of the same material that hides modules so it is just a mirror without any distraction.
    I have set this up perfectly and works lovely.
    However, I would like to add a second Toggle Button on a different GPIO pin Number to hide a different selection of modules.

    When I had a second ToggleButton module to the config file with a diferent Pin, neither of the buttons work. I have included code below…

    module: 'MMM-ModuleToggleButton',
    config: {
    buttonGpioPin: 6,
    moduleNames: [
    // {
    // module: 'MMM-ModuleToggleButton',
    // config: {
    // buttonGpioPin: 26,
    // moduleNames: [
    //	'clock',
    //	'MMM-BackgroundSlideshow',
    // ]
    // }
    // },

    Can anybody tell me if this is possible or where I am going wrong. THanks in advance.

  • @JonoGee said in MMM-ToggleButtons x2 setup:


    Ignore the // on second module entry. If I take it out it still doesn’t work…

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