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Can't put separate pages in one page for scrollable website

  • Hello everyone I’m creating a website that is scrollable and all the pages are in one page, I’ve created each page separately with it’s own css file, now in my home page i added sections for each page (6) and each section i give it a class and in the css i changed the class position to relative, now the second page is showing and working fine but as soon as i add other pages everything gets together the text the design everything gets mashed together and clashing so what is the best way to fix this? Thanks

  • @TrevorNoah sorry, not quite sure what you mean.

    your module output is put into one of the MM regions… by position: in config.js
    unless u use one of the fullscreen regions, you don’t have access to the whole screen

    each region will be scrollable, vertically when the content goes over the screen size.

    can u explain what “the class position to relative” and "text the design everything gets mashed together " means… maybe a screen shot

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