MMM-MyCommute not able to access API

  • MMM-MyCommute: This API project is not authorized to use this API.

    I went into under Credentials>Maps JavaScript API.
    I then restricted it to only use Maps JavaScript API, pasted the API key but error message above appears.


    MMM-MyCommute: The provided API key is expired.

    New error pops up when deleting previous API and making a new one


    The MMM-MyCommute module instructions all work. Until you get to the API’s needed for this project. You will need to enable 3 APIs instead of the instructed 1.

    1.) Maps Javascript API
    2.) Directions API
    3.) Geocoding API

    after enabling all of these, the module should be working properly.

  • Thank you! This solved my issue perfectly. I kept seeing the “Error” value and was beating my head against the wall when I came across your posts.

    Out of curiosity, have you had any issues with the billing once all three of these APIs are enabled? Is the free trial still working out fine?