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A new "Magic" coming up with love from Samsun, Turkey and San Francisco, CA.

  • Hello everyone.

    Here is a guy studying in San Francsico. CA in a new innovative college called Minerva Schools at KGI. Currently I took a break for a term or two and I will be using this free time I have working on AI Projects, Embedded Systems and all that cool stuff you guys like too. So I just started working on mine and will be updating the community with every improvement I am working on and steps I have taken.

    Step 1: Testing the equipment

    alt text

    • Breaking down a LED television for the parts required.

    alt text

    • First test selfie.

    Step 2: Building the frame

    alt text

    • My dad and his super carpenting skills.

    alt text

    • One of the frames before getting painted - sandpaper work done.

    Right now? I am at the very beginning. That means I am open to new ideas, as well as contributing yours and I just felt like sharing what I do, I enjoy it and I hope you will too 🙂


  • Beautiful works.
    Question: on the picture, we would say that it is not a 16/9 screen ??

  • @fragator
    Thank you 🙂
    For your question: It is actually a 16:9 22-Inch LG LED Display. However, since it is not completed yet, it should have looked a bit different on photos. I will be adding more.

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