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Google Voice KIT vs MMM Assistant modules

  • Hey guys.
    In my house i use several google home devices and when I started thinking of my magic mirror project it made sense to me to buy a google aiy voice kit (v1).

    I configure it first in my raspberry using googles tutorial and it seemed to work ok. Now I’m configuring my magic mirror and I’ve got to a point where I can’t really understand what’s the difference between using this google kit or the MMM-Assistant modules found here.

    With google voice kit i can’t really interact with the mirror / screen itself. Can’t ask it to play spotify in the mirror…

    but i shows up in my google home app as voice kit and i can send home automation commands like in the rest of the devices…

    So, anyone can give me some lights what are the big differences in using a module or this google kit?

  • @pnobrega I think the difference is you could build a module with the voice kit. Otherwise u cannot interact w the mirror, without some other module

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