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cover the back of plexiglass (acrylic sheet)

  • I am in the middle of my 1st MM project. Components are selected with ‘keep it low budget’ in mind, as this is an experiment.
    So I am using plexiglass/acrylic sheet as the mirror (

    I am wondering what would be the best way to cover the back side of the plastic?
    I am planning to do it just to make sure I have the best reflection on the places where there is no monitor.

    I think I have these options:

    1. do nothing, leave it how it is, will work fine.
      It is a frameless mirror (the frame is actually smaller than the mirror), so I need to cover the edges of the mirror, because there is nothing behind it. It is 2-3 cm.

    2. use paper
      Because it is frameless, I will have difficulties to attach the paper at the edges. I am afraid the paper will not stick to the plastic (why would it stick to it?), and if it is loose, it will not do what it suppose to do

    3. use glass film
      something like this:
      I like this idea. If something goes wrong, I can easily remove this film. It is also easy to cut a window on the material for the monitor before attaching.

    4. use paint
      Might be option two. Problem is to make that window for the monitor. Not impossible, but needs some preparation

    So I would go for option 3), but before investing, I would appreciate some feedback. Have you guys cover the back of the mirror at all?

    Thanks and happy MM-ing 🙂

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    I use black construction paper for the areas of my mirrors that are not covered by a monitor. It’s easy to cut into the appropriate shape and I can punch holes through it for things like camera lenses.

    A piece of construction paper the size of your acrylic/glass can have a cutout the size of your monitor pretty easily. I don’t bother with tape or other adhesive to stick it to the glass. I start with a piece the size of the glass and it doesn’t go anywhere.

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