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Add standard module

  • Hello everyone!
    I need to integrate few 3rd party modules to the MM core to appear them like a default modules.
    I want to add the following:

    to the MM installer as a default modules.

    I see, that

    • dependencies for default modules are stored within MagicMirror/node_modules while dependencies for 3rd party modules are stored within folder of each such module.
    • default modules are stored in MagicMirror/Modules/default while 3rd party modules are stored within Modules/[Module_name].

    I have forked the MM git, but can’t understand what to do next to make these 3 modules default for installation (I do not need to use installers/postinstall/ for this purposes as i need to appear these 3 modules as a default ones).

    Is it easy to complete this task? I would be thankful for any ideas and thought.

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