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How to run two instances of one module?

  • Heya guys,

    So I found a perfect module to manage my hue-lights:

    But since I have my rooms spread out across two hue bridges I cant display all my rooms.

    This is going to sound so stupid, but I tried renaming all the instances of the modules name in order to make another bridge config possible.
    It did work, kinda - but the renamed module acts weird and prompts the HUE API until it gives up after a couple of minutes. It also causes a memory leak which leads MM to crash after a couple of minutes.

    Help would be very much appreciated!

  • @hefal most modules don’t support multiple instance directly.

    You can make a complete copy if the folder, changing it’s name, AND the name of the top level J’s file that should match the folder name,… AND you gave to edit that file and change the module registration string to match the filename and folder name

    Then use the new module name in config.js

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