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MMM-network-signal module ALWAYS displays message text

  • Hello,

    I’m having an issue with the MMM-network-signal module from here:

    Everything displays and works properly but I would like to remove the message text and only have the WiFi network icon.

    The relevant area of my config.js file reads:

    	module: "MMM-network-signal",
    	position: "bottom_left", 
    	showMessage: false

    No matter what I enter for the showMessage line (e.g. false, ‘false’, “FALSE”, etc.) the text for the connection strength is ALWAYS displayed. I’d like it not to be…

    Can anyone help with what else to try here…?

    Thank you in advance,

  • @MMush that needs to be in the config block

          showMessage: false

  • @sdetweil OK, thank you! I will give that a try tonight and report back…

  • OK, that worked perfectly! Thank you for the fast response. The WiFi icon looks great (all by itself 🙂

  • no worries! happy to help 😃

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