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Button goes out of div on resize?

  • Even though I use relative units, when I resize the window, button goes out of its parent element. I tried to wrap it with another div but the result was the same. I’ve built a search bar with similar structure to this and even though that built works as desired (The only difference in that built is instead of a button I use an anchor element) , I can’t seem to figure out why this behaviour is happening with the button element. What’s the thing I’m missing here? I apologize if this question was asked before. Solutions that I found didn’t solve the issue. If someone could share their input, I would be so grateful.

  • @Denver77 i am sure that the button is not actually outside the div u put it in, so that means the class/styles cause it to be truncated out of display when the area when the window changes size

    you can look at the classes in the developers window (ctrl-shift-i), elements tab,
    and select the div that your content is in (position first) …

    then expand down to find your button…

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