RPie reboots when switching roomlights on/off

  • Hey Everyone!

    My MagicMirror shows strange behavior since Minute one. When a Light somewhere in our Apartment is switched on or off there is a chance that the Raspberry Pi 3B+ does a reboot. Happens approx one out of three times.


    • Raspberry Pi 3B+ with
    • PIR motion sensor and
    • Raspberry Camera
    • a 27" Monitor (via HDMI)
    • a “main power switch” inside the case
    • a charger for the RPi

    I thought, the Monitor could give some bad electricity spike to the RPi and switched over to an VGA Cable but that did not help. I’ve also tried a bowerbank instead of a charger with no luck.

    Sadly I can’t find any helpful links on google as the keywords “switch, light, reboot” are often used for other projects.

    I am happy for any advice, thought and idea you may come up! : )


  • Module Developer

    I had a similar problem with a button connected to the GPIO Pins. In my case the button/pi/gpio reacted if i switched on a roomlight (which has nothing to do with my pi), even nothing was pressed at the pi.
    I think the cause of your problem could be the “main power switch” of your pi case. Is this connected to the gpio pins and was there a script which was delivered with the case?
    A helpful search string for google could be “interference raspberry pi gpio”.

    In my case some capacitors at the gpio wiring was the solution.


  • Thank you @AxLed !

    I forgott to mention a power & a reboot button attached to the GPIO Pins and exactly that (false positive reboot-script execution) was the root of the Problem. I solved it with rechecking the pins for LOW-state after a 1/10 of a second.

    This issue bugged me for several months. Thank you again!