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Help Getting Google-Route Module to Zoom Map

  • I’m trying to get the google-route module to zoom in on the map it generates for the routes. Currently, the map returned for my directions is too big and the routes too small.

    Based on my reading to date, it looks like you can control the zoom through mapOptions however, I haven’t had any luck and I’m out of ideas. Below is my config.js file that shows how I’ve written the zoom function. Ideas?


                		module: 'MMM-google-route',
                		position: 'bottom_bar',
                            header: 'Which Commute Sucks Less',
    			config: {
                    	key: 'key',
                        		origin: '30.388259,-86.507500',
                        		destination: '30.482197,-86.503158'
    				zoom: 10

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