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How to open magic mirror on a tablet without a keyboard?

  • I am a newbie for coding and for posting (apologies if I am posting in the wrong place for this!), but I’ve managed to setup the MagicMirror on my windows tablet. However, I am wondering, for mounting the tablet behind the mirror and within a frame, for when I turn the tablet off and on and go to load MagicMirror, is there a way for me to this by mouse only?

    I have a keyboard with my tablet which I used following the walkthrough ( but I want to bypass the starting up phase in git, using only my mouse to open MagicMirror. Or know how to do the directory change and ‘npm start’ command without needing to press enter on a keyboard - is this possible?

  • Not sure if it’s ok for me to be replying to my own post (happy to remove if this is all now redundant). But incase anyone else has this problem I’ve found my solution to make it all mouse only on a windows tablet:

    So I installed MagicMirror and have it all running as I want on my windows 8 tablet, to load it up with only a mouse I:

    • Pinned git bash to my taskbar
    • Pinned sticky notes to my taskbar
    • Have a sticky note with:

    ‘’'cd MagicMirror
    npm start


    The two lines of empty spaces under ‘npm start’ are there on purpose, including these and copy pasting it into Git bash makes the cd and start code lines run and bring up MagicMirror.

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    @640008915 Nothing wrong with answering your own question. Thanks for sharing your solution with the community. Mark the post as solved so that others may know that it has been resolved. Enjoy your mirror.

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