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Best way to include time with Month title on MMM-CalendarExt

  • I have the month view at fullscreen_above. I’d like to be able to display the current time on the left side of the view, and keep the month name on the right side.

    Is this possible somehow?

  • I had this same question and the developer told me that you can add static text via the “title” parameter to the month view but nothing dynamic.

    I was able to find a workaround though. In my case all I cared about was the month/year to be displayed above the calendar. Therefore I used the MMM-DateOnly module. In your case I suspect you will have to change the fullscreen_above to something like top_left and then set a width on the MMM-CalendarExt2 itself to make it take up the full screen. Then you can add the default clock (with showDate=false) on the top_left too and add the MMM-DateOnly to the top_right. Might be close to what you want.

  • @mlcampbe Thanks!

  • Actually I posted this question to the MMM-CalendarExt2 github issues page and a new version was added today to address the problem. He added the ability to display the month and year.

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