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Module Creation Understading with Known APIs

  • It has been an interesting two weeks playing around with my new MagicMirror for work purposes.

    I recently have had success in loading in the recent logs from a google spreadsheet using the quickstart.js file located here

    I would want to display that information onto the magicmirror in a corner somewhere.

    The issue I am having is trying to understand the module format with node.js and where things need to go if I want to create the quickstart.js as a module.

    I have been using this to better understand module creation but I am having trouble wrapping my mind on how I would make something like the quickstart.js in a module.

    Where would I put that code in the module and so forth.

    It is really neat that we can create and customize modules for our mirrors. I tried to look at other module codes to see how they are structured but it is also hard for me to learn the creators style of coding.

    For example, understanding what getDom() does and when I need it or what wrappers are and why I would need that.

    I do have coding experience but not with node.js.

    I am basically asking for layman’s terms on where to put code if you want it to do this and why it has to go there.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this message.

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