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  • I realise this is predominately a “RPi” forum for MM, but there must be Mac users with MM and there certainly must be ‘mac users’ on here…

    In a bit of a dead-end. now used 2 Web Cams, Android Phone, iPhone, 3 microphones.

    And hitting a stumbling point, too much noise in mic when connected to Mac Mini.

    Actually when i try on a mac air or pro, don’t have the same issue, just on the mac mini, it’s like a noise issue that goes up or down, and is distinctly deafening, and certainly explains why the vocal commands are not being actioned upon, I guess…

    What do you suggest? Any recommended drivers or software to clear up the noise ?

    Or hardware … (more i guess ha ha) :/


  • @wjdw87 sry I don’t have a mac, but I suggest to ask this specific question in a mac forum, due to this question is not related to magicmirror there are experts in apple forums who can help you out with that for sure

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