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Module not updating data, other modules work fine, how to debug?

  • Im using the wunderlist enhanced module to show my wunderlist and it works great, most of the time.

    After a while the module doesnt update the data anymore,
    when i restart the magicmirror service all works again,

    How would you debug on this?

    If i cant get the module to work, i might look into the watchdog module, but as i can see it would need some modification.
    A plan could be that the wunderlist module would write a notification when it updates, and if the watchdog times out, it would reset the service.
    Would that make sense to do?

  • So i ended up looking at pullrequests on the module and it looks like someone already made a fix for this.
    sorry for wasting forum space 🙂

    this should be a fix

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