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German Alexa. Modul or Standalone

  • Hi,

    i am trying sinth month to install Alexa (MMM-AwesomeAlexa or the standalone vom Amazon direct) but it is a nightmare.

    The complete installation from the MMM-AwesomeAlexa Module is not possible because snowboy is a big problem.
    (thread existing)

    I managed to install Alexa as Standalone with the amazon tutorial and some workarounds for a lot of problems.
    but it was only in english and not wenn integreated in my smarthome environment.
    i was not able to change the language.

    why is this so f**king hard or full of problems and errors?

    (System: Fresh Raspberry Pi 3 B with fresh Rasbian Lite AND also tryed everything with Rasbian Full Streched.)

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