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CSS Order of execution

  • I was just finishing up a new module and noticed other modules I had loaded weren’t looking quite right. Turns out my new module had a .title class that was adjusting the font size. Upon inspection in dev console the .title for other modules that had loaded prior to my new module were using my new module’s .title class.

    Just thought it was worth mentioning that the custom css for modules can affect other modules in the event someone else is seeing css issues if your using common class names.

  • @buzzkc that is why u prefix any names with your module name to restrict your settings to your module

  • Yup, learning that. I had used someone else’s example and determined that wasn’t the correct way. I figured it’s worth admitting one’s mistakes as well as accomplishments. 😉

  • @buzzkc great thanks… I always thought that custom.css was a bad idea… every module should supply their own file as the getStyles() function provides the mechanism.

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