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Monitor - energy saving

  • Hi there,

    2 years ago I built my own RIBBA-MagicMirror using a 19" TFT monitor. The monitor`s energy consumption is 25W. This is why I am using a PIR for saving energy. But, is has to switch on many times a day because it is standing on the relatively crowded floor.

    This I why I would like to ask for a more energy saving idea. At first e-ink displays came to my mind, of MM does not show IP cam feeds or similar.

    Is there a energy saving MagicMirror out there ?

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    @blebbens If your running the MM2 witohout any twoway mirror in front of the display maybe you could get away with an e-ink display.

    But the e-ink is not near bright enough to be viable behind a twoway mirror.

    There is low energy (energy star rated) screens out there, power is directly related to size (obviously), like there is the 24" LG
    24MK600M rated use is 14.1W (eco mode). So you could probably get a smaller screen that uses less.

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