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rotate_display=1 is not rotating my display?

  • I’ve edited my /boot/config.txt file to include the command

    but my display isn’t rotating…

    To be clear. I have my MM booting on startup. I then am using Ctrl-Alt-F2 to get to the command line and from there logging into my pi with username: pi password: raspberry from which I get to the /boot directory where I edit config.txt… Is this correct? If so, what am I doing wrong here?


  • Sorry, figured it out. My own stupidity that I prefer not to reveal and of no help to anyone to learn from.

    Please ignore.

  • valid8r, would you mind sharing your stupidity? Because I think I am at least as stupid as you 😉

  • Ok, so I found out the problem: I typed spaces around the = sign, i.e. “rotate_display = 1” instead of “rotate_display=1”. If you take out the white spaces (also for the warnings command) it should work.

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