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Default calendar

  • Hi,

    I have used fb2cal ( to create a local ics (facebook birthdays) for my default calendar module. But my calendar wont show this at all. I have managed to show other ics files from local destination, so that part works. My fb2cal ics is successful imported into google calendar, so I guess the ICS is more or less OK. The ICS file is temporary uploaded to (no sensitive information, just a lot of birthdays for those who are interrested to congratulate any of them 😉 )
    I am running MM v2.9.0…

  • @aquaman the calendar data looks fine…

    where on your local system did you place that file? it MUST be under the modules/default/calendar folder

    also, open the developers window, ctrl-shift-i, select the tab labeled ‘console’ and scroll up to see if there are any errors reported, usually red text

  • Thank you for your reply.
    I have the ICS file under /MagicMirror/modules. I have also downloaded another ics-file named basic.ics (from google calendar) in same folder. basic.ics works just fine, but birthdays.ics is not. I have now also tried both files in /default/calendar with same result (basic.ics works, birthdays.ics not…)
    I cannot find any reported errors i developers window (console) about calendar at all…

  • @aquaman after debugging, the problem is the file created by fb2ics has linux line ends (\n), but the code is looking for windows line ends (\r\n)

    once I edited and saved with windows line ends it works

    you could use unix2dos on it to convert the line ends

    I have opened an issue and submitted a pull request to the ical parser github project for this

  • Ahh.
    Thank you!
    I have tried unix2dos with newline option, but no luck yet. Seems that there are no changes in the file after running the command. Propably need some more help from google 😉
    But thank you for your help so far 🙂

  • @aquaman you shouldn’t need to specify any options…


    unix2dos filename 

    it will convert in place

    or -ascii convert only line breaks (default)

    unix2dos -ascii filename

  • Yes…
    Done that…
    Filesize is exactly same, however file date/time has been changed…

  • @aquaman worked for me in both directions, no parm specified…

    odroid@odroid:~/MagicMirror/modules/default/calendar$ unix2dos birthdays.ics
    unix2dos: converting file birthdays.ics to DOS format...


    odroid@odroid:~/MagicMirror/modules/default/calendar$ dos2unix birthdays.ics
    dos2unix: converting file birthdays.ics to Unix format...

    i then used Notepad++ to search for \r\n (windows) or \n (unix) linebreaks
    found as expected

  • Hmm… Starting to get embarrased 😉

    Can i provide you a ip an password on pm to log on?

  • @aquaman sure, come over to discord chat, i am sam #5710, if can’t do discord, then email … same userid as here but on gmail

    yeh, or direct chat here… sorry, missed that

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