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MM-hide-all with PIR Sensor

  • I have an issue running the MM-PIR-Sensor module by paviro. My tv doesn’t have power saving settings, so when the HDMI signal is killed it shows a “No Signal” message, then turns the tv off.

    I like the functionality of the mm-hide-all module by masters1222, but I would like to use that with the PIR sensor instead of a physical button press.

    This seems like a simple mashup of the two modules in my head, but I’m not versed enough in JS to make that a reality.

    Would someone be interested in combining the two modules so that the mm-hide-all module works as-is, but with the PIR Sensor state making the change instead of a physical button press?

  • Ok, I asked a friend write some code to make this work and he did a great job!

    Here is a link to the forked GitHub repo. I will add it to the Showcase section as well.

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