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Help with MMM-Scraper

  • Hello everyone,
    thank you for all your supports that are given us on this nice forum,
    am totally new to programming and to MagicMirror, i have now installed my first MagicMirror, but i would like to ask if i can get some help,
    i have installed the MMM-Scraper to fetch some prayer time to my magic mirror, and since am totally new to JS and to programming, i don’t know how to modify the JS file to fits my need,
    what i need to do is to get the table from the right side of this page and to show it on a nice way, i have managed to make Scraper work but it gives me 1 column of data, i need to have it as a table that has the left column on top and the corrosponding time under and then i would like to add some other features like some calculation and highlight the next prayer time, i know there is a lof of modules but this site is the only site that has the correct data for our area, and am designing the mirror for my old parents to make their life a bit easier,
    the site that am trying to fetch the data from is:,12.694512099999997

    many thanks all for your help and support
    All the best!

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