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MagicMirror busted :(

  • Hey guys, been loving my MagicMirror for the months now.

    It just sits on my desk with the pi 4 on 24/7. Unfortunately, I had to unplug my pi for a reason and I replugged it in attaching the HDMI cable in first and now I can’t get the MagicMirror app to run properly.

    The desktop environment works fine, I can use my mouse click things and ssh into the machine. Even my discord bot running on the pi works. But, unfortunately, when the MagicMirror starts running from pm2, it shows a black screen. I can highlight a bit of text and it reads: or.js"> in the top left corner and nothing less on my entire mirror.

    I have updated the mirror and unsure what to try next.

    EDIT: I just realized I have my MagicMirror remote module running and I can pull up the website which correctly shows the mirror’s content on my computer. It looks like the electron instance on my mirror isn’t working properly :/.

    ~ Rx

  • Module Developer

    @RitikShah said in MagicMirror busted 😞:

    I would try this

    • SSH into the mirror
    • save all important modules / custom.css / config.js to another folder as backup
    • pm2 stop all
    • npm start dev
    • see if an error comes up.

    If not, try to reinstall electron
    cd ~/MagicMirror/node_modules
    sudo rm -r electron
    cd .. && npm install electron

  • @lavolp3 said in MagicMirror busted 😞:

    cd … && npm install electron

    careful… we haven’t tested newer electron versions much past 6.0.12 (which I have submitted a PR for the next release)

  • Module Developer

    good point! Then to be safe
    cd .. && npm install electron@3.0.13

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