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MMM-Sonos no Artwork

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    Hi, does anybody know why the Module is not shown artwork wenn I play music from Apple Music or Amazon music?

    only Radio works…

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    Which Sonos-module are you using?
    There are actually two: One from CFenner and a fork from snille.
    I have the fork from snille installed (, which works with TuneIn Radio, my paid Spotify and Amazon Music account.
    Maybe you try snille’s fork, in case you have CFenner’s module?


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    @Fozi I have the snille module…

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    Maybe it has to do with the css settings.
    I use snilles custom.css. Add his settings to your custom.css file and restart MM. You find them at the end of his

  • I have installed snille’s version as well. I can get the output via a webpage using “ipaddress of Pi”:5005/zones

    This is only after switching to the node-sonos-http-api directory and then running npm start. If I close the console window it stops providing that information to the webpage.
    If I run the file that just changes to the node-sonos-http-api directory and does a Display=0: npm start then the data is not sent to the webpage. So I modified the to just change to the node-sonos-http-api directory and do a npm start only without the Display=0:

    Still will not send the data to the webpage to check.

    So I figured I would do an npm start from the node-sonos-http-api directory and then use another console window to launch the MagicMirror. Still does not display what is playing on Sonos even though the data is displaying on the webpage to check it.

    My config comes back with no errors when using the linter. I just get multiple modules reporting “Loading” I have waited for 20 minutes and no load of modules.

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    @BD0G ok thanks

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