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MagicMirror electrical cabinet door

  • So, here is my build…

    Electrical cabinet:
    Holds circuit brakers, patch pannel, network switches and NAS

    How it should look:
    My wife and daughter likes it.

    And my test setup:
    test setup

    For now, I’m runnung it on VirtualBox running Raspbian like distro.
    I have one Raspberry PI 3 runing Pihole and tor proxy for now.
    I’ll add MagicMirror to that PI once I learn to fine tune MagicMirror and when my kids let me.

    I never expected it to look so good! 🤤

    Rear is OSB board 12mm painted black
    Glass is blue(ish) tinted 6mm thick
    22" LED display, only VGA, working with RPI using adapter
    Aluminium L profiles 20x10x2mm to hold glass in place
    Dimensions are 205 cm tall, 33cm wide, 2 cm tick, heavy as f***.
    Between glass and board there is black cloth. Behind glass it has texture like display.
    On strong light, diplay is just visible because i taped black electrical tape to metal edges. And it slightly reflects light.

  • @Kereknjek very cool!

  • Most Excellent! Fit it right between the door molding! Great spot for visibility!

  • It’s been a while…

    So, I mounted my MM in place, customized it to my preference and enjoyed it for a while.

    If you read my other post about sending data from arduino to MM over ethernet, I’ve given up from it as I realy suck at programming web aplications.

    But, it’s not all lost. I’m running my “not so smart” home on multidrop RS485 network and my master node is right behind RPI3 running MM.

    So I made packet sniffing node using arduino nano.
    In short, it listens for packets that are interesting to be shown on MM, translates them to format for MMM-ArduPort and sends them over usb. If no packet is received in 5 minutes, than it sends request.

    So I installed MMM-ArduPort, configured config.js and then…
    Disaster! I was only getting black screen! I taught: “NOOOOO!!! I’m to ugly to watch my self in a mirror!”
    Started to remove modules one by one and nothing helped.
    So I deleted MagicMirror folder and went to reinstal. But instalation got frozen at “Updating packages”.
    Fortunatly, manual instalation worked. I reinstalled all modules and copied configuration from old config.js (yes, i made backup 😃 ), and finaly got it to work.

    Problem was that i have updated it prior installing MMM-ArduPort and somehow update crashed MM.

    Now it is 1:57 am so I’m going to sleep. Arduport will have to wait till morning.

    I’ll slap some new pictures tomorrow!

  • I’m having trouble uploading pictures…

    But, I’m allso having trouble with MMM-ArduPort. It connects to arduino, shows sensors, and then returns to “waiting for connection…” 😕

  • Well, I have abandoned ArduPort. Never got it to work. So I switched to json-feed.

    It wasn’t easy for me because I had zero knowledge about http requests. But I got it working.

    For anyone, with limited knowlege, like me, here is the code I’m sending from arduino ethernet server:

    void sendjson(EthernetClient cl)
        // send a standard http response header
        cl.println("HTTP/1.0 200 OK");
        cl.println("Content-Type: application/json");
        cl.println("Connection: close");
        cl.println("{"); // start of json data
        cl.print("\"Info\":\" ");
        if(y==true){cl.print("ERR COM");} // error in comunication
            cl.print("ON"); // system is on
              cl.print("OFF"); // system is off i.e. no sun
        cl.print("\"Baterija\":\" "); // battery voltage
        cl.println(" V\",");
        cl.print("\"Struja\":\" "); // current going in or ouf trom battery
        cl.println(" A\",");
        cl.print("\"Proizvodnja\":\" "); // production of electricity
        cl.print(" W / ");
        cl.print("\"Teret\":\" "); // load at inverter side
        cl.print(" W / ");
        cl.print((snagainvertera/1200)*100); // load percentage
        cl.println(" %\"");
        cl.println("}"); //end of json data

    And json data received by MM:

    "Info":" ON",
    "Baterija":" 26.15 V",
    "Struja":" -0.79 A",
    "Proizvodnja":" 6.72 W / 1.20%",
    "Teret":" 27.52 W / 2.29 %"

    And result:
    alt text

    Back of the cabinet (I have to tie those cables):
    alt text

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