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Hard resetting of RPI

  • Hi, sexy!

    So guys, i’m having a problem with my MagicMirror, can’t find any solution to this. My MagicMirror is running normally and boots up if I do the SUDO REBOOT option. My problem starts after I do a hard reset (I pull the power cable off my RPI). After I plug the power cable back to start the RPI I get stuck on a black screen (probably on the screen saver). Can you even do a hard reset when running MagicMirror? Or it is NOT possible to do. Sorry guys, I’m a newbie 🙂 If you have any solutions to this one I would appreciate them.


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    Do not cut the power! It might work a few times or even one hundred times. But if data is being written (for example to log file which all modules and other apps do) while you pull the plug, there’s a risk the SD card gets corrupt. In worst case the card is destroyed, but it could also be that a reinstall on the same card will work.

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    @Piggi instead of pulling the plug while the RPi is running, I‘d recommend to shut it down gracefully with

    sudo shutdown -h now

    and then to pull the plug.

  • I bought sonoff basic wifi switch which I want to use to start up and shutdown the RPI so that’s why I want to Hard reset it. Is there any difference between pulling the plug and turning of the electricity through the smart wifi switch ?

  • @Piggi no difference… all bad

  • @Piggi No, there’s no difference. You just shouldn’t do it if you can avoid it.

  • So I just basically need to manually shut the RPI down if I don’t want to use it anymore?
    I followed this guys guide and he uses the sonoff switch too.

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    @Piggi Believe me, it is not a question IF it breaks, it is a question WHEN it breaks, if you just pull out the plug.

    Although I don’t know your use case, I have following proposal:

    1. Use MMM-Remote-Control to shutdown or reboot your mirror (if you wan’t to do it manually) OR
      setup a cron job, if you want to shut it down or reboot automatically at certain times.

    2. Use/program the Sonoff switch to boot the RPi again, if it was shut down (switch off/on)

    That way you are on the safe side with the RPi and you protect your investment for the Sonoff.


  • Thanks for helping guys, will try the MMM-Remote-Control option. Did not know something like that exist. Anyways TY for now.

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    @Piggi you‘re welcome! That’s what a community is for.

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