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  • Hey, what about the Confed Cup? Is it possible to show? If its still in, what ID do I need to add?

  • Where does it pull the fixtures from? There is currently a new draw for Europa and Champions League Qualifiers. Europa games are today.

  • Hey Guys

    i think i solved the problem for now with the blank table.
    The problem is in the config.js the leagues command, if u put only one ID in this command like

    leagues: [35], // it doesnt work


    leagues: [35, 999], // it works. dont know why im not a programmer^^

    but i have a question too,
    where can i configure that my header and the scores are not going from the left side to my right side cause i have the clock on the left side and the weather on my right side

  • Hi,
    I have a problem when switching from the results to the table. At the beginning everything runs as it should. After about an hour there is when switching misfires. Attached to the link of a video of the error, hope it works.
    Does somebody has any idea?

    Greeting Jörg


    For me this is probably the “blank screen problem”
    With only one league, it only comes to an interruption and then nothing will be displayed. With two leagues, everything works as it should.
    The tip of Arzeg with the entry [35, 999] unfortunately does not work.

  • Here is another error. If the table is displayed without names, the line with teams etc. is moved about it, does not fit properly.

  • Hey Jörg,
    bad to hear that the tip doesnt work for you.
    For me it works perfect.
    But I still have the problem with the width of the module, it goes from the left to the right side and i dont know, how i can change the width…

    MfG Arzeg


    I dont know if it’s for you a solution but I use MMM-soccer for the table and MMM-SoccerLiveScore as my live ticker, so i set showTables to false in config.js
    Its not the perfect solution but i can live with it

  • This post is deleted!

  • HI,

    is it possible to send an alarm/notification if there is a goal in any game in a league i set to shown on the mirror?

    Maybe its quite easy but honestly i do not have any idea how this alterts/notifications work

  • The results and the table of the german bundesliga are now also not updated. A pity about an otherwise great module and the author does not care about the errors.

  • @JoeFranz are u sure? Everything works fine at my mm

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