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  • @baschke
    When adding leagues in your config, dont add “464”. Thats for Champions League.

  • I used this module in the past and I was really satisfied. After a complete reset of my mirror, I had to reinstall all modules. Unfortounatly the MMM-SoccerLiveScore is not working correctly anymore 😞

                            module: "MMM-SoccerLiveScore",
                            position: "top_right",
                            header: "Live-Scores",
                            config: {
                                    leagues: [35,9,1,0],
                                    displayTime: 30 * 1000

    Whats wrong? On the mirror its shown just the header, no error-message.

    Thanks a lot.


  • @nem1 where did you get the 0 in leagues config? there is no leagues assigned to zero, remove it and try…

  • @ramez

    0 is the ID for the german nationalteam.
    But for now, the module is working. But I dont know why 😃

  • @nem1 glad it’s working 🙂 … same happened to me Here that’s because source server sometimes down

  • I have been messing around with this module and it is working really well. I love the way its laid out but I do have a few questions.

    • Is there anyway to not display the table for certain leagues? Someone asked already but the Champions League table only seems to be showing Group A.
    • Is there a way to change the display date format? I would like to change the format to something like MM-DD instead of DD.MM.
    • Is there maybe a way to highlight certain teams on the table and schedule? For example, If I follow a few PL teams and want their games to pop out more so that the text is bolded or highlighted for the team name.

    Thanks again for any help

  • Ma per creare un “tavolo” per la classifica di serie “A” Italiana cè un modo ?Grazie.

  • Module Developer

    Hi @LukeCodewalker I’d like to use and probably contribute to the module a bit.
    Do you think it’s possible to show the goals and scorers of a current running game?
    Is there an endpoint in the api for that?

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