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  • @bminer1 I installed the module on Sunday and the premier league games did get updated on mine.

  • I had to restart and it refreshed with the latest data. Kind of defeats the purpose of a “Live Score” functionality. I also noticed the icons are the kit colors and not the actual team logo. Any idea of maybe adding the logos instead? Otherwise, ill turn it off.

  • Module Developer

    @bminer1 the logos are provided by the api. but you could add them manually for the league you’re interested in. I don’t have enough time in the moment to do it. maybe the real logos will be added in the future to the api. German clubs already get real logos.

  • @LukeCodewalker There was a link shared in another module that has every team, cup, flag and league logo. Pretty nutz how much is in this Zip. Could be useful. If i knew how to implement this, I’d help.


  • Where do you get the league id’s from I’m after league two in England if you have it available?


  • @bminer1 said in MMM-SoccerLiveScore:

    Having an issue with the module updating. None of the weekend games updated.

    0_1488208540889_Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 10.14.45 AM.png

    I’ve the same problem! The module is not up2date. F.e. at the moment the results of the CL matches of Thuesday & Wednesday are not shown. It looks like the module got freezed. I’ve seen this problem often in the past. After restarting the whole mirror, the module is back again. Last restart was on monday. Any ideas? I did not install or change anything in the last weeks.

  • This post is deleted!

  • @bminer1 I had the same issue so I made a function to overwrite the headings. It’s done client-side post load so not ideal but it’s a start 🙂
    You can change the time interval at which it refreshes (it needs to keep doing this if you cycle through leagues).

    setInterval (changePrem,10000);
    function changePrem() {
        var prem = document.querySelector("#module_6_MMM-SoccerLiveScore div.module-content header").innerHTML; 
        var premchange = prem.replace("Pr. League", "Premier League");
        document.querySelector("#module_6_MMM-SoccerLiveScore div.module-content header").innerHTML = premchange;

    Make a js file out of this and load it at the bottom of the main index.html file

  • Hey Guys,

    I just set it up and the scores and blank. Im assuming if no games are on nothing will show? I saw talk about a table but is it live? Thanks! Great work BTW.

    here is my code. I wanna see Spain first and see how it goes. Let me know if there is anything I need to upload for some help. Thanks!

    module: ‘MMM-SoccerLiveScore’,
    position: ‘top_right’,

    		config: {
    			leagues : [8],
    		showNames: true,
    		showLogos: true,
    		displaytime: 60 * 1000,
    		showTables: true

  • Hey LukeCodewalker

    Thank you for the MMM-SoccerLiveScore.
    I would love if You could expand the module to only show the teams I choose and for X days.
    I follow Bayern, Juventus, Roma, and so on. something like this:

    20-5-2017 15.30:
    Bayern 1 - 0 Freiburg
    Chievo - Roma

    21-5-2017 15.00
    Juventus - Crotone
    Watford FC - Manchester City
    Hull City - Tottenham Hotspurs
    FC Barcelona - SD Eibar

    The idea is from the FORZA App at Android.


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