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Background Image not updating

  • HI i try to set an radar image dsiplayed as background image on my mirror.
    At the moment i try with: MMM-BackgroundSlideshow which i found does displaying and scaling the image very well.
    In the Background i have a cronjob which downloads and converts the radar image from another source.

    My problem is that the browser newer updates the image due to caching.
    Even if i see in firefox debugger that the image got downloaded with 200 the broser does not update the image, als just reloading the page is not enough i have to “shift” reload the page to update the image.

    Is there a way i can invalidate the cache?

    Tried also adding a timestamp to the image and deleting the old one. But MMM-BackgroundSlideshow does no reread the folder content while running. And is i get a new image every 10 minutes i don’t want to restart the whole application.


  • i would change modules… MMM-ImagesPhotos reloads the folder on a configurable cycle.

  • @sdetweil said in Background Image not updating:

    That would kill the background fun of it

  • @roadfox huh? it puts the images in the background too.

  • i gave it a try. MMM-ImagesPhotos is adding the image as an overlay with opacy, but i cannot figure out how to set the opacy so that the other values shine 100% trough.

    0_1576398895145_Bild 2.png

  • oh i feel so stupid, i startet with fiddling in css and z-index and did not see that i can just set:
    module: “MMM-ImagesPhotos”,
    position: “fullscreen_below”,

    i’m very happy now, after adding a timestamp to the downloaded filename the image is updating now nicely

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